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Whether you saw Romy Schneider in “La Banquiere” or you prefer the quirky fedora look of Blake Lively, it is good to know that the ladies fedora hats originate from men! The dents in the crown of the fedora hat refer to the days when men would greet a person by taking their hat off.
Since those times, a lot has changed and we have amended the style of women's fedora hats, by making the proportions of the crown and brim more feminine.

In the Bronté collection, you can also buy fedora hats online with a slight asymmetry to achieve a casual and yet mysterious look, like the style Greta or style Aries. In Europe, fedora hats for women are worn by pulling them deeply to cover the forehead and by leaving just one centimetre free between forehead and eyebrows. In Japan and in South Korea, women prefer to wear the fedoras far back on their heads.

To determine the perfect brim size of a fedora for you depends on your length and the shape of your face.
The general advice is that the taller a person is, the better a wide brim fedora will look. In a similar way, it applies for the width of the cheekbones and the size of the hat brim. However, as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Visit one of our Bronté flagship stores for a professional advise or send us an email with a picture for a personal hat advice:

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