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BRONTÉ offers a range of wide brim hats for women in various fabrics and straws. In the summer season, you want to optimize the protection against the heat of the sun and the damage of UV-light to your skin and eyes. 

Hence, the size of the brim tends to be larger. Most summer ladies wide brim hats are provided with a size adjustable system. 

You will find a lost & found label inside the hat to personalize it with your name and telephone number.

The women's wide brim hats by Bronté are widely appreciated for the flexibility of the superfine braided straw, which is used to make the hats less delicate compared to Panama straws. In the winter season, you will find a wide-brimmed hat in fur felt as well as in wool felt. The luxurious fur felt hat allows you to easily wear it on a rainy or snowy day. The velvet touch and glow of the fur felt is a joy for many years.

You will notice that the crown of the hat determines the character of the hat style: do you want a masculine fedora crown or do you prefer the feminine round crown with a floppy look of the Seventies?

Visit the Bronté flagship stores in Amsterdam, in London or in Düsseldorf or get inspiration from our Bronté web shop collection.

Check the full range of wide brim hats for women with favorites like Tara, Natalie, Jacqueline, Grace, Dana, Jeanny, Cien, Elisa and Joanna.