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When we visualise a woman with a turban hat, famous personalities like Royal Highness Queen Maxima from The Netherlands, Barbara Streisand in Funny Lady, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn inspire us.
The ladies turban became very fashionable in 1936. In the Forties, the American fashion magazine Vogue convinced women to buy turbans as one could wear them as high fashion items in rich fabrics and ornated with jewels and veils. Vogue knew that women looked just as smart while wearing a plain turban to work or into town. A turban for women is a great help and stylish accessory on a bad hair day.

A few years ago we noticed the requests for turban for women popping up from the young Soho nightlife visitors. Especially, when you have no time to optimize your hairstyle before a rendez-vous, the womens turban will make you look smart and distinctively.

Bronté hats offer a wide range of ladies turbans in various fabrics and executions. You may prefer the summery lightweight jersey fabrics or seek the luxurious touch of smooth velvet. You should experiment to find the best way to wear the womens turban. Some women look great while showing no hair at all. Other show some frizzy hair along the ears, or a bit of hair at the forehead, like Royal Highness Queen Maxima. You may also try a slighly off-centre position of the turban hat. Have a look at the bestseller turban for women Jasmijn in the various fabrics and colours.

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