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As the hat brand BRONTÉ originates from the wet low country, The Netherlands, it is clear that rain hats for women are an area of expertise.

The designer of BRONTÉ hats takes into account that most (Dutch) women ride bikes no matter how hard it rains. Hence, the designs for women’s rain hats have to be bike proof, meaning that they have a decent brim and cover your head profoundly. The women's rain hats for summer are made of water resistant super lightweight cotton. The slightly heavier waxed cotton is more suitable to use in the winter. Often, the shape of the brim is slightly asymmetric with a shorter brim in the back, to allow you to move your neck easily. Both style Pip and model Birgit have such a feature.

Rain hats for women are rollable and packable. We advise to store the rain hat in your favorite handbag. You will be relieved to grab your rain hat when you are caught in a sudden rainfall. Bronté rain hats for women are available in the classic wintery colours like black, navy, brown and green. For the summer use of women’s rain hats, there is a choice of more vibrant or lighter hues like fuchsia, turquoise, orange, emerald green, silver grey or ivory.

Do not hesitate to email us in case you search for a certain BRONTÉ style rain hat for ladies in a specific colour. Who knows, we might surprise you with a unique bespoke piece. Contact us at

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