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One advantage of “femmes petites” is that they surely look beautiful in BRONTÉ’s small brim hats for women. The secret of the ladies small brim hats lies in the charm of the circular brim that frames these faces. It is a matter of proportions to establish the right balance between the face and the brim and crown of small brim hats like cloches.

To protect your face on hot summer days, we recommend ladies small brim hats of at least 4cm wide. Bronté hats include a range of small brim hats for ladies, with asymmetric brims, being longer at the front and sizably shorter at the back. The shorter back brim increases the comfort to move, for example when you sit in a chair.

The small brim hats for ladies were the major trend in headwear in the Thirties. Fashion designers like Coco Chanel loved the more casual city look of the short brim hats for ladies. Women became more liberal and took more freedom to wear fashion and headwear that suited the new lifestyle.

Nowadays, we consider the primary criteria for wearing the ladies small brim hats, to be the features and characteristics of a woman.

Check the full Bronté range of small brim hats like Edith, Cloche, Lotte, Brook, Tessa, Nadine and the winter version as Sophie.