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You just found an invitation to a wedding in your mailbox, or do you plan to go to that garden party or a formal ball? You surely want to look your very best and sparkle with a graceful fascinator decorated with frivolous feathers.
The trend for wearing fascinators became popular in 2010, when (royal) milliners like Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones started to dress the famous & rich women with these headpieces.

At BRONTÉ, you can buy fascinators in various sizes and colours. There are subtle pieces like Anne: a petit fascinator made of curled sinamay straw and little feathers.
You can also buy veiled fascinators like Veerle or Sheila.
Veerle has a full veil that you can use as you please. A veil always adds a mysterious tingle to the face of a woman. If you want to sip from your glass, you just pleat the veil away from your face. Sheila is a disc kind of fascinator, trimmed with leave shaped feathers and a sinamay bow. The veil of Sheila is a bit shorter however just as versatile in use. This veil is a captivating detail.

All fascinators are mounted on a comfortable headband in the same colour as the design: after 10 minutes you have forgotten that you are wearing it and you will be the precious beauty at the party.

Check the full range of fascinators for women favourites like Anne, Veerle and Sheila.