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The Amsterdam based hat brand BRONTÉ exists since 1992. It is a family business: Marly Vroemen creates the collection that is named after daughter BRONTÉ, while her husband Jos Verhoeven takes care of production and the international distribution (Idhats BV).

The mission of BRONTÉ is to offer contemporary headwear that is eminently flattering to the wearer as well as in line with her personality and her life-style.
The designs have a typical Northern European feel: graphic and pure, feminine with few frills. A hat is like a frame to the face and it’s proportions and shape should enhance the features of the wearer. That’s the adagio of the designer and the signature of any BRONTÉ hat.

BRONTÉ headwear is manufactured in selected ateliers that specialize in certain areas of craftmanship: for example, most felt hats are made in Italy using Portuguese felt, while the Panama straw hats are braided and blocked in Ecuador.

Comfort and lasting quality are criteria for selecting fabrics from top European mills for cashmere, tweeds (Harris Tweeds), natural water resistant fabrics, 100% linens up to silk and cotton linings.

Marly‘s experience with customers in her 3 specialized hat stores is a source of inspiration and  smart solutions:
*You will find a Lost & Found label in your BRONTÉ headwear that allows you to personalize the piece with your name and phone number: in case you forget your BRONTÉ hat in a restaurant or at a concert hall, you may receive a call from the finders keeper. At the same time, it makes it less likely that someone else will start wearing your hat that bears your name.
*Another example is the One-size-fits-all solution in many BRONTÉ hats.
*All BRONTÉ hats can be equipped with a special elastic for additional security for your trip on a boat, or in a convertible car and for bikers in The Netherlands.

At BRONTÉ, you will find hats for various occasions and special needs, from stylish city fedora’s to cozy winter caps and berets, rain hats specially developed for the various climates,  a wide range of holiday and sun protection hats as well as a range of elegant pieces for weddings and parties.